Life can be challenging even in good times so when the bad times happen it can be tough to keep your chin up and remain positive. I mention Pinterest a lot but Pinterest has been a life-line for me often. Including helping me to find recipes to feed to my family so that mac-and-cheese isn’t the only option.

Another reason I love Pinterest is that I can type ‘life quotes’ in the search bar and 10 quotes will appear that speak to me right when I need to be reminded of a particular life lesson.

The two quotes that really spoke to me this week reminded me of how to maintain my composure and strength and where to find it…the will to do better at ____________ (fill in the blank) than I did the day before. And I think we could all fill in the blank in that sentence with 50 different things.

I’ve made the “Breathe” quote my wallpaper on my laptop and cell phone and printed it to tape to my mirror and my fridge. I need this reminder every day, probably 10 times each day, especially because the kids are still on summer break!

The quote from Gandhi couldn’t be a better reminder to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. Somewhere down deep, deep enough that I think I had forgotten that I had it, I found my ‘Indomitable Will’. The will to make a bad situation tolerable each day; the will to financially provide for my kids; the will to protect them from hurt; the will to take steps to mentally focus on the great parts and people in my life; the will to find my work-place groove again; the will to not let a cheating husband bring me down.

I’m hoping that someone reading this blog right now is encouraged by one or both of these quotes. If you’re in a tough spot, take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on the solution instead of the problem. Don’t give up on the yourself and keep pushing forward with that indomitable will that you have deep inside. Some of us have to dig deeper to find it, for others it’s right on the surface, but we all have it – we just have to focus on it and use that determination to our advantage.

We all need a little mid-week motivation and this was just what the doctor prescribed for me!