I love to laugh and I would have to say that it’s my favorite hobby. I’m the one that laughs when no one else laughs (and sometimes in awkward situations). I really love corny jokes. And I laugh at my own laugh sometimes and when I’m around friends that snort, I laugh even harder. You’d think that I would have amazing abs as much as I love to laugh.

I’ve always said that sometimes you only have two choices in life – to laugh or cry…and it’s so much more fun to laugh!

So this week’s mid-week motivation is pure laughter…especially aimed at those of us that are going through relationship challenges. I found some funny memes online and it was just what the doctor ordered. So I had to share so that you could enjoy some laughter too. Read these over and over or share, because everyone needs to smile. 🙂

Relationship Funnies…

Wishing you love and laughter!

Staci Beth