Adventures in Hockey Sticks and Pink Bows
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I am soooo excited for this adventure even though it’s going to take a few weeks. As usual, my oldest is just as excited and my #2 man groaned, even after #1 reminded him how much he loves each adventure after it’s done.

This adventure is brought to us by my silly grandma.

My grandma was one of my favorite people in the world. And even though she isn’t with us anymore, she still is one of my favorite people. Something that I hold very dear to me is that I have a baby picture of her next to one of my baby pictures and other than the fact that mine is in color, it looks like the very same baby. I can only hope that one day, when I’m older, I won’t just look like her, but I’ll have her outlook on life too!

The older that she got, the spunkier she got. I hope to be the same Grandma that she was one day (a LONG time from now). She fully defined the old clichéd statement, “the older you get, the less you care what anyone thinks”. And I lived this stage of her life with her when I was old enough to appreciate the value in not caring what anyone thinks…I wish I was as brave as her. I strive for that each day.

Recently when my parents were cleaning out closets, they found a little notebook that she had written in at some point while she was in school. It is a simple, adorable story about a little girl that didn’t have much but had eyes that sparkled and only saw the positive in life…she had hope when most wouldn’t see hope. It’s a sweet little children’s story that she wrote that I’m trying to edit and turn into a children’s book.

This created an opportunity to plan an adventure for the boys and a chance to connect them to my grandma that I loved so dearly and they never had a chance to meet.

Creating our very own book together!

We are creating the illustrations for the book together. I think that it will be so amazing to see their pictures, their interpretations of her words, together with her words. I think she would be so proud…she would be shy in wanting her words published, not because she was embarrassed by the story but would be afraid that no one would appreciate her words.

For me, the best part is that I get to add my own words because, god love her, she spilled the beans about Santa Claus in the story…and who would buy a children’s book about Christmas with the bonus being that the mystique of Santa would be ruined?? So she and I both get to write this book together and it makes it even more special for me.

It’s been fun talking about what the boys can draw, and for me, where I could take the story without completely changing it from her initial design. And if nothing else, their kids may get to hear one day about how they learned about their grandma by helping to put her words into art form. They’ll have a story to pass on about someone that brought life, light, and spunk to the world.

As soon as it’s done I’m sure I’ll share it but until then, it’s been wonderful finding a way to connect them to one of my most favorite people that helped to create who I am today, my values, my memories, my life experiences. It’s been fun walking down memory lane and sharing some of these memories with them. And it’s brought me close to her again as I type out her words and add my own.

Remember these tips for going on your own adventures:

#1: Get them excited! Excitement is contagious – if you are excited, they will get excited.

#2: Materials: I printed each of the flyers above so that we could keep them in our scrapbook.

#3: For this particular adventure, I read the story to them and started the discussion about how we could break it into small sections for each page. We’ll discuss picture concepts for each page and then each of them will do a page at a time. I don’t want to overload them because I have two perfectionist and one will just end up scribbling if he gets tired of doing it and the second will stress out that it’s not perfect. I want this to be a fun memory and for them to look forward to it since it will take a few weeks to complete.

#4: During our adventure, I will take pictures of them creating these pictures and of course we’ll have the book in the end to hang on to and pass on to future generations.
Our next adventure will repeat a similar process – printing out a description of the adventure, and a collage of pictures from the adventure. Then add it to a notebook/folder so that when the year is over we can go through and relive some wonderful memories.

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