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2 comments on “she’s my Brandi”

she’s my Brandi

The key though is complete honesty with those that are closest to you. Those that truly care about you won't judge you. If they do, walk away from them. You can't have deep, meaningful relationships if you aren't completely "You".

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the first flirt

And then you have days like a couple of weeks ago. Someone flirted with this insecure woman (me). And not just with a silly come-on...with real intention. Like phone calls and text follow up after running into each other, type of flirting. And it felt so darn amazing!

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the strength of a woman

Women can be intimidating. Women can be soft. Women can be hard. Women can be strong. Women can be funny. Women can be the center of a family. Women can be emotional. Women can be the breadwinner. Women can be the reason that no one forgets lunch and has clean clothes. Women can be the CEO of a company. Women can be the CEO of a household. Women are the backbone of the family. Women are the center of the world.

the power of a word

Social media can be your best friend or your #1 enemy. To cope with the garbage that I'm being put through I've decided to be as transparent as possible via social media/my blog. Some may see it as me airing my dirty laundry; some may see it as pathetic; some may see it as a cry for attention; or some may see it as a source of strength because they don't feel so alone in their journey.

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a surprising place of strength

My dirty little secret...the day that my Irish Idiot's attorney had me served with divorce papers, I thought and over-thought, and thought some more about every feeling coursing through my brain. And then I did something that could have gone…