2 comments on “take 2: showing my scars”

take 2: showing my scars

I never want anyone else to feel like I did - ashamed, embarrassed, self-conscious because of the bruises...What someone feels is ok to do to you - harm you physically - is not okay and not your fault. I wish I could have absorbed this earlier than when I finally did. A man that physically attacks a women is not a man - not a normal human being - it's not ok and they are showing how weak THEY are NOT how weak you are. I've decided to take a second shot at exposing my most raw emotions about something that I would never want another woman to ever go through.

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5 steps to take when bouncing back from divorce

5 things to remember during divorce

You have to find it within yourself to function during a divorce. Some days it's harder than others but you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

the power of a word

Social media can be your best friend or your #1 enemy. To cope with the garbage that I'm being put through I've decided to be as transparent as possible via social media/my blog. Some may see it as me airing my dirty laundry; some may see it as pathetic; some may see it as a cry for attention; or some may see it as a source of strength because they don't feel so alone in their journey.