4 comments on “the strength of a woman”

the strength of a woman

Women can be intimidating. Women can be soft. Women can be hard. Women can be strong. Women can be funny. Women can be the center of a family. Women can be emotional. Women can be the breadwinner. Women can be the reason that no one forgets lunch and has clean clothes. Women can be the CEO of a company. Women can be the CEO of a household. Women are the backbone of the family. Women are the center of the world.

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who i was meant to be with

And until then, I'll just enjoy being with me - the person I was meant to be with for the rest of my life.

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the adventures of my Irish Idiot

While he was at the house, he joked with me and offered an idea for my next blog post, even titling it for me "The Adventures of My Irish Idiot" and he wanted to make sure that I gave him credit for being the creative one...so here's your credit Erik. Geez... 🙂 #truth #unbelievablebuttrue